Bosik Technologies (2013) Ltd

BOSIK's qualified team of professional engineers, designers and technicians offers a wide range of services to clients including development of specialized equipment from conceptual design through to construction and commissioning.

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Bosik Technologies (2013) Ltd., Safety and Security Equipment and Services

Blast Attenuation
Used to attenuate high level blast pressures suitable for buildings and other objects. read more »

Warning Shot Target
Prevents penetration and ricochet and increase life expectancy.
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Portable Bullet Trap: PBT-1
Designed as a safety device for protection against accidental discharge. read more »

Ballistic Target Panel
Absorbs bullets without ricochet and prevents environmental pollution. read more »

Suspect Package Container
Security at airports and other high traffic areas, defence against terrorism. read more »

EOD Lifting Cart
Designed as a lift cart that could move equipment and supplies. read more »

Shooting Range Target
A warning shot target, and a safety device for loading and unloading firearms. read more »

Ballistics Testing
Replicates from one to three rounds of machine gun fire.
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