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Bosik Technologies (2013) Ltd has developed a
Warning Shot Target (WST) and Practice Range
Target to be used inside institutions and outside
in practice ranges. The targets are designed to prevent
penetration and ricochet and increase life expectancy.





Warning Shot Target


The Warning Shot Target has the following features:

  • Prevent penetration and ricochet of the selected weapons
  • Fire retardant and lead absorbing
  • Low cost and light weight
  • Absorbs multiple shots
  • Wall or ceiling mountable
  • Secured fastening or welded nuts to prevent removal
  • Steel angle border to prevent the bullet from escaping the target when shot at an angle


The Practice Range Target has the following features:

  • Indoor or outdoor use, non-ricocheting
  • Bullet trapping and lead absorbing
  • Integral stand and lifting handles
  • Removable high impact section
  • Modular and light weight
  • Replaceable mid-section

For more information on the Warning Shot & Practice Range Targets, please contact:

Tony Bosik, M.Eng., P.Eng., General Manager.
Bosik Technologies (2013) Ltd.
2495 Del Zotto Avenue
Ottawa, ON, K1T 3V6 Canada

Phone: (613) 822 8898 x 224
Fax: (613) 822 3672

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