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Multipurpose Collapsible EOD Lifting Cart

The EOD Utility Cart was designed by Bosik Technologies to meet the requirement for a versatile lift cart that could be deployed to a wide range of situations to move equipment, supplies or even casualties in an emergency situation. The EOD cart is completely self contained system with standard SCBA air tank mounted in the rear and can be operated remotely with a robot. The pneumatic parking brake is activated manually on the control panel or whenever the tow bar
is on the ground to prevent rolling. The cart is capable of lifting up to 800 lbs (over 363 kg) from approximately 20 in (51 cm) to 60 in (160 cm). The cargo deck is 30 in (76 cm) wide by 60 in (152 cm) with a perimeter lip with anchor points every 6 in (15 cm).

Product Description:


The EOD Cart is made up of three main subassemblies: Upper Deck, Scissor Lift, and the Lower Frame.

  • Light weight Upper Deck measures 30 x 60 inches with a ¾ inch lip with holes cut into it to allow for the easy use of cargo straps to secure any cargo firmly on the deck.
  • Pneumatic Panel controls all located above the rear wheels for easy access and covered to prevent unauthorized adjustments to the system components and other accidental damage.
  • Extendable tow bar and steering mechanism located above the front axle controls lifting/lowering and parking brake operations.




  • Air/oil Lifting/lowering system
  • Steering and pneumatic parking brake system
  • SCBA tank hook up
  • Hitch used to pull with robot or ATV
  • Light weight Aluminum structure


  • Mobile – fits through double door ways, hallways and into elevators
  • Compatible with EOD robots for remote operation
  • Maneuverable

Overall Dimension:

  • Width 36” (91.4cm), Height 20”-63” (50.8-160cm), Depth 70”-116” (177.8-294.6cm)

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