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BOSIK has developed a Multi-Barrel Universal Receiver used for the ballistic testing of armour. This versatile piece of ballistic laboratory equipment is currently used to conduct tests on personal body armour in accordance with the Canada General Standard Board (CAN/CGSB-179.1-2001): Personal Body Armour test standard.

The Multi-Barrel Universal Receiver has also been used for research projects for United States National Institute of Justice (NIJ). It is capable of firing single shot or multiple shot bursts (up to 3 rounds) to replicate machine gun fire. The Multi-Barrel Universal Receiver can also fire any caliber ammunition up to and including .30 Caliber high-powered rifle.

Each barrel is laser sighted for increased accuracy. It also allows for repeatable shooting of any desired pattern. The shot pattern is adjustable to accommodate most multi-hit shot patterns required for testing armour.



  • Simulates machine gun fire (up to 3 rounds)
  • Adjustable and repeatable shot patterns
  • Electronic controlled rate of fire: 1 - 1,700 rounds per minute


Who Should Use A Multi -Barrel Universal Receiver?

Typical end users include the following:

  • Ballistic Test Laboratories
  • Police Research Agencies
  • Army and Navy Research facilities

Multi-Barrel Universal Receiver Options

here are different firing mechanism options and velocity measurement equipment available for the Multi-Barrel Universal Receiver. BOSIK offers the receiver with or without velocity measurement systems.

Option 1: The base model offers a simplified Electronic Firing System that does not require a PC for operation. However, it will not measure velocity or rate of fire.

Option 2: Uses the Electronic Firing System in option 1 and includes the necessary equipment to measure velocity and rate of fire. I.e. a pair of Model 57 Infrared Photoelectric Screens and a Model 43 Personal Ballistics Laboratory. (Please view Velocity Measurement in the table below.)

Option 3: PC based Ballistic Software will fire the receiver, control the rate of fire and measure velocity when used with Model 57 Infrared Photoelectric Screens. Includes Pentium 4 PC, DAQ Card, Connection board CB68, Program APP builder software, connection cables. (Ballistic Software designed for Windows 2000/NT/Me/9x.)

Multi-Barrel Universal Receiver Specifications

Loading Time
  • Approximately 45 seconds for all three barrels
Rate of Fire
  • Electronically controlled 1 – 1,700 rounds per minute
  • Capable of firing any caliber ammunition up to and including .30 Caliber high-powered Rifle.
  • Receiver is capable of firing .50 calibre upon special request.
  • Includes one set (3 barrels) chambered to desired calibre and threaded for Multi- barrel Universal Receiver. Please specify ANSI/SAAMI Unvented Velocity Test Barrels or Standard Chrome Moly Barrels.
  • Approximate weight 602 lbs (273 kg)
Overall Dimensions
  • Width 22 in. (56cm), Height 49 in. (125cm), Length 34 in. (86cm)
Velocity Measurement
  • Model 57 Infrared Photoelectric Screen: Infrared Photoelectric Screens are used to detect projectile passage through a reference plane. (Required quantity 2) with Steel Stand For Model 57 (Required quantity 2)
  • Model 43 Personal Ballistics Laboratory and Adapter For Model 43 / Model 57 Interface: Model 43 is an integrated ballistic system with capabilities to measure velocity and rate of fire. The adapter is required to interface with the Model 57 screens.(Required quantity 1 Model 43 and 1 adapter. Windows 95/98 required to operate Model 43.)

For an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) download of the 3-Barrel Receiver, click here.

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