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Security at airports and other high traffic areas face new challenges daily in their defence against terrorism. Headlining this list of concerns are suspicious-looking and thereby potentially dangerous packages.

BOSIK Security Containment Systems Ltd. has developed a three-pronged approach to this issue with their Suspect Package Container series. The SPC-1000, SPC-500 and SPC-2000 all completely contain the bomb blast, resulting gasses, and any chemical or biological threat.

The SPC-1000 easily adapts to airport screening machines and provides a means to contain and remove identified suspicious packages. The SPC-1000 has its own towing trailer.

The SPC-500 is a lightweight, portable bomb containment system designed to handle letter bombs and electronic devices in a secure manner.

The SPC-2000 is a large bomb containment system under development. While the SPC-1000 focuses upon carry on luggage, the mobile, lightweight SPC-2000 deals with checked luggage.

BOSIK Security Containment Systems Ltd. takes the confusion out of suspicious-looking packages.