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This facility is currently being certified to the Canadian Standard (CGSB), U.S. NIJ, and ISO 9002.

BOSIK's ballistics facility is secured and safe storage is available for weapons and ammunition. The facility is suitable for handgun and rifle testing up to approximately 0.50 calibre.


The facility includes:

  • Body armour test mannequin (Goldorac 2)
  • Computerized Data Acquisition and reporting
  • Velocity measurement systems
  • Barrel conformal pressure transducers
  • Bullet trap
  • Ballistics Pendulum
  • Still and high speed cameras
  • Scales
  • Universal receiver and gun barrels
  • Equipment for manufacturing ballistics gelatin, test materials and fixtures
  • Numerous fixtures for holding test samples
  • Chamber for measuring pollutants (lead etc.)
  • Statistical database and analysis
  • Hand loading equipment

Ballistic Services:

Ammunition Evaluation:

Weapons Evaluation:

Design and Testing of Protective Equipment and Materials:

  • Pressure Tests
  • Velocity Measurement (VS / VR)
  • Accuracy Evaluation
  • FBI Protocol Testing
  • Penetration Measurements in Ballistics Gelatin
  • Clothing Penetration
  • Ammunition Loading
  • Bullet Weight Retention
  • Miscellaneous Material Testing
  • Hand Guns -- All Calibers
  • Rifles Up to 7.62 mm
  • Ballistic Fragment Simulators
  • 3 - Barrel Gun

Other Services:

  • Contaminants Measurement
  • Spall Determination
  • Special Fixture
  • Preparation of Test Materials
  • Energy Measurement
  • Body Armour
  • Helmets
  • Glass
  • Bullet Proof Enclosure
  • Bullet Proof Materials
  • Turbine Blades
  • Vehicle Armoury
  • Materials Q / A Testing

Testing Materials


  • Ballistics Gelatin
  • FBI Protocol test materials including; light and heavy clothing, steel sheets, wall board, plywood and automobile glass
  • Walls: cement, steel reinforced, and brick
  • Fuel Containers: gasoline and propane
  • Typical Commercial aircraft cabin interior, skin and cabin window
  • Road surfaces: paved, crushed stone

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