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Potentially dangerous packages, parcels and letter bombs are hazards that affect all public and private institutions. Unfortunately, criminal retaliation and terrorist attacks are a reality that safety & security personnel must be able to deal with efficiently and effectively.

BOSIK Security Containment Systems Limited has addressed this worldwide concern and developed the Suspect Package Container SPC-500, a lightweight, portable bomb containment system.

Once a package or letter has been identified as a threat, the next step is to safely contain the suspicious item and remove it from the public area. Any delay in removing the package prolongs the risk of the threat and employees must evacuate their work areas and stop all normal operations. This can result in a loss of time and revenue for a business.

The BOSIK SPC-500 provides a solution that will allow personnel to safely remove the threat from the workstations and continue normal business operations, while waiting for trained personnel to deal with the package.

The BOSIK total containment Suspect Package Container model: SPC-500 is a lightweight, portable container that will completely contain the bomb blast, resulting gasses, and chemical/ biological threats. Should an explosion take place, an exhaust valve is provided to release the gas. The SPC-500 is designed for letter bombs and electronic devices but can be custom manufactured for unique applications such as waste receptacles. BOSIK’s bomb containment technology is suitable for the following:

  • Post Offices / Mailrooms
  • Embassies
  • Sea Ports
  • Aviation Security
  • Government Buildings
  • Onboard Aircraft
  • Corporate Offices

Applications (Exterior Cover Removed)

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Letter Bombs Electronic Devices Waste Receptacle


The BOSIK Suspect Package Container SPC-500 has been subjected to rigorous field tests that were conducted in conjunction with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Explosives Disposal Unit (EDU) and Transport Canada (TC).

Suspect Package Container Benefits

  • Minimizes interruption of normal business operations;
  • Cost effective solution to deal with suspicious packages efficiently and effectively;
  • Protects people and buildings;
  • Quick and safe removal of IED packages from public harm;
  • Easy to use: loading tray for simple insertion and extraction of packages from container.

BOSIK Suspect Package Containers can be custom designed for individual requirements.

Suspect Package Container Model: SPC – 500

Protection Factor
  • Totally contains the blast, resulting gasses and chemical & biological threats
  • Exhaust Valve for controlled venting following detonation
Overall Dimensions
  • Width 24” (60cm), Height 25” (63.5cm), Depth 22” (56cm)
  • Mobile - compact design - fits through doorways, elevators and hallways. Compatible   with EOD robots
Door Dimensions
  • Width 10” (25cm), Height 1.5” (3.8cm)
  • Accepts letter and legal sized envelopes
  • Simple door action – single action lever allows door to be closed in one motion.   Compatible with EOD robots
  • 125 lbs. (58 kg) approximately
  • Lightweight – two man portable
  • Castor wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Custom designed to client’s request
  • Option – The bomb container can be upgraded to neutralize chemical and   biological threats

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