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Bosik Technologies 2013 Inc is pleased to announce the commercial launch of a new advancement in body armour testing now available for direct purchase. The Defense Research Establishment Valcartier (DREV) of the Canadian National Defense has developed the uniquely effective Goldorac 2; an adjustable torso designed to hold a curved tray block to best recreate the natural curvature of the human body.

The Goldorac 2 has become part of the Canadian standard for ballistic testing (CGSB Standard ACG-6481-C-179/1, Personal Body Armour) and is currently being recommended for the European standard.

Design Features

The Goldorac 2 represents a significant advance in ballistics research with features uniquely valuable to body armour testing. Defining characteristics of the Goldorac 2 were developed in direct response to specific industry needs. Features include:

  • Curved tray closely simulates the human form while ensuring the maintenance of close contact between the body armour and the underlying body simulant (plasticine).
  • Fully adjustable torso, (width, height and depth adjustable); suitable for testing body armour of various sizes.
  • Rear tray, fabricated from a hard armour removable steel plate; extends the benefits of the Goldorac 2 to include the testing of ceramic breast plates; removable rear plate allows clay to be calibrated for consistency.



The unique features of the Goldorac 2 endow this new mechanism with distinct advantages over its predecessors:

  • New, adjustable torso allows for easy adaptation to any size of body armour.
  • Includes both floor and ceiling support models adaptable to any test environment; successfully retains specific positioning orientation (normal and angle) required by ballistic standards.
  • Includes curved clay block to ensure the close fit between body armour and body simulant essential to obtaining reliable and repeatable performance data.
  • Designed specifically for effective ballistic testing, it is durable and highly robust.





The Goldorac 2 has undergone over one year of testing and has benefited from added improvements. The curved tray block was enlarged to allow for the ballistic testing of ceramic breastplates while the design of various components was simplified toward greater cost-effectiveness. The Goldorac 2 successfully withstood ballistic testing with handgun and rifle on body armours of various sizes.

The Goldorac 2 represents a unique union of research and development expertise; through its successful correction of deficiencies of the past, it has become the model of proficiency for ballistic body armour testing of the future.


Bosik Technologies 2013 Inc maintains an exclusive agreement with the Canadian National Defense to produce and market the Goldorac 2.